Driving Local Progress with Digital Services

Reimagining Taranto

Taranto is a city experiencing significant expansion and growth from a tourism perspective. The offering includes digital services and sales opportunities to local businesses at advantageous prices. This allows companies the ability to target either tourists or residents in their campaigns, thereby further promoting local economic development

A shared vision for quality and customer gratification guides successful collaborations with various local businesses. The efforts have always been focused on synchronizing strategies with the primary objective of accentuating customer delight. By doing so, the outcomes not only meet the business goals but also generate a positive impact on the consumers. Thus, upholding the commitment to quality service and fostering mutual growth in Taranto’s vibrant market landscape

Contributing to the Local landscape

commercial activities

restaurant & pizzeria

due mari

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Collaboration: Social Media & Brand Positioning

“Due Mari” is a historic pizzeria in Taranto, in operation since 1954 and located in the heart of the city, near the famous Ponte Girevole. It offers typical products like “uccelletti” (smoked scamorza and bacon), pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven, artisanal and local beers, and the famous “Puccia” – a sandwich made with pizza dough, baked in the oven, and filled with cold cuts, french fries, sauces, cheeses, and whatever the customer desires

bar, lounge pub and bistro

old fashion

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Collaboration: Social Media & Brand Positioning

“Old Fashion” is a well-known lounge pub, situated on Viale Magna Grecia, and frequented by the young crowd. Although Old Fashion’s breakfasts and aperitifs are a must-try, the venue primarily serves as a popular nightlife rendezvous, providing an excellent setting for dining or enjoying drinks with friends before venturing to the tourist zones of San Vito or Litoranea Salentina. Thanks to its local success, “Old Fashion” expanded its presence in 2022, opening an additional location in the beautiful city of New York.

training courses

Taranto requires a clear direction in its digitization process. For this reason, specific training courses on topics related to digital marketing, web 3.0, and integrated communication are offered in the area. Currently, SD Digital Service collaborates with the training entities Cefit Formazione and Programma & Sviluppo to provide updating services and help young people understand and explore the opportunities offered by the jobs of tomorrow

The Future of Digital Professions

programma & SVILUPPO

Collaboration: Professor

“In the evolution from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, coupled with the advent of artificial intelligence, digital professions are undergoing a revolutionary transformation. During this presentation, we will discuss emerging opportunities in the field of marketing and how Web 3.0, with the use of blockchain, is changing the way we work. We will explore the skills necessary to succeed in this new digital landscape and how to overcome the challenges it presents

Italian outerwear

pregio couture

Collaboration: Web Sales Strategies (Training Course)

“Pregiò Couture” is the brand behind a unique collection of parkas and down jackets. With its signature style, the brand features refined fabrics, fur trimmings, applications, and shapes, carefully curated over the years. This casual clothing line combines femininity without compromising practicality and comfort. The brand’s headquarters is located in Martina Franca, Taranto. Furthermore, a collaboration has taken place with them and “Cefit Formazione”. This cooperative venture involved offering the company’s employees both theoretical and practical training in managing digital platforms and sales strategies.

let's team up !

how to start

essential service

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most required services

Brand Strategy

Strategia integrata per dare valore al brand aziendale. Dalla sua identità visiva alla realizzazione del materiale promozionale, mettendo in primo piano la percezione del cliente finale

Creative Contents

Realizzazione di contenuti creativi per raggiungere i clienti con una strategia di Comunicazione integrata che comprende pagine web, blog e social network


Organizzazione di conferenze stampa sia presenziali che on-line, invio di comunicati stampa, gestione delle reti sociali e relazioni con gli organi d'informazione

Art direction

Organizzazione di eventi artistici, realizzazione di sceneggiature, montaggio di video promozionali e cortometraggi.


Ideazione e realizzazione di campagne marketing digitali professionali, con individuazione del pubblico obiettivo e posizionamento dei competitors

Web development

Studio e realizzazione di pagine web professionali per qualsiasi persona o attività commerciale, con speciale attenzione sul SEO e SEM